About Us

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American Vanguard was founded years ago because of the people’s great dedication and support for this country. We want to advocate our country’s success and let people know about America’s great history. The past events that happened years and centuries ago are very important for our country because those are what makes us great, those events are what made us what we are right now. If not for our previous successes, culture and history, we won’t be living in such a great country. We think that it is only right to feel proud about our ancestors, past rulers and heroes that saved our country from any failure.

Other than supporting America’s great history, we also like to be a place where people can gain knowledge and eventually be educated just by visiting our website. We want to be a source of information about past events and bring information to many people. Our organization thinks that in terms of giving information and details, we are the trustworthy and reliable source for anyone. Up until now, people support us and our website because we are able to do our mission and purpose well. We are glad that a lot of people find our website useful and we will continue to bring more great information about our country. After all, it’s our honor and privilege to showcase America.

For the past years, our organization was successful in anything we attempted to do and that was advocating and supporting our culture, history and heritage. We are thankful that we are not just able to do our main purpose but we are also able to help many charities and also hold events. American Vanguard hopes that many people will rely to our organization, not just to support our country but also as a website that gives much information about America.