American Vanguard - Testimonials

Daniel K.

I have been a great supporter of your organization and it was really a great thing that you don’t just advocate for our country but you also give more information about its history and heritage. So far, your website has been a great source even when I was still in school, I’d use your website to search about America’s history. It helped me a lot and really educated me through years. I really hope that you hold more events for our country and be proud of our history and successes.

Megan D.

I always use your website because it’s a very helpful and useful source. I only knew about it a month ago but it already gave me a lot of information. It was fun to use because I don’t get bored like what I usually feel when I’m in a class. I only wish that you can add forums and stuff like that because it would be really fun to talk to other users of your site. Interaction is great and cool so I’ll be anticipating your update for this website!

Eunice S.

The events you hold always inspire me. I’ve always wanted to go to your events especially when you include arts or when you hold art exhibits. I’ve been a great supporter of your organization and American arts. Combining both really makes me interested and happy so I look forward to your next event because I’ll make sure to participate in the future.

David L.

To be honest, I’ve never been interested in many organizations before but yours is really different from many others. You have been supporting and showcasing our great success and histories so I find it really amazing. Our heritage is something that we have to be proud of so I think you are doing a really great job in spreading it and supporting our country.