How To Use Instagram Reels To Turn The Audience Into Followers

How To Use Instagram Reels To Turn Audience Into Followers

In this trending world, whomsoever is not using Instagram? Almost one-quarter of the world’s population, starting from youngsters to aged people, are active users of Instagram. As the app has more attractive features, Instagram reels top all the others. To get ahead on the growing Instagram channel, you can opt to buy Instagram story views and increase your reach flawlessly. According to Google search trends, Instagram reels have a 54% share of searches which is more than TikTok. Need to create an engaging Instagram reel? Want to turn your viewers into active followers?

Let’s get started!

What Is An Instagram Reel?

A short, funny, and entertaining video where you can express your creativity and boost your brand online. Reels are much more similar to Instagram Stories, but it covers certain specifications. In recent times, Instagram reels have served as a platform for people to showcase their incredible talents. It spotlights the hidden talents and helps them explore more with social communities.

Critical Features Of Instagram Reels

  • The maximum length of Instagram reels is 90 seconds. Earlier it was only around 3-15 seconds but recently has extended up to 90 seconds. Few users even get early access to 90 seconds reel.
  • A 90-second reel in high definition will take 4GB of memory space. It is preferable to film the video at 1080p and 4k quality for better visuals. Reels can be shoot directly from the phone camera, or you shall upload videos from the photo gallery.
  • You may take reels at a single stretch, or they can be stitched together from small videos. Instagram reels shall only be uploaded using mobile phones.
  • Reels videos films in the ratio of 9:16 aspect similar to A TV-size aspect ratio that provides a great appeal to the viewers. It recommends providing in size of 1080 ✕ 1920 Pixels.

How To Create An Instagram Reel?

First and foremost, Before starting to use Instagram Reels to engage the audience and drive traffic, let’s have a quick guide on how to use it.

  • Open your Instagram app. Click the ‘plus’ symbol on the top right corner of the screen. Now, click on the reel option.
  • Now add on your videos or take video instantly. You can also add effects like music, filters, playback like fast-forward and slow-motion, and shall set the timer to your video.
  • You shall crop the video and add some text to create it more lively.

How To Boost Engagement With Instagram Reels?

There are some interesting tips to make reels more fun! Marketers use Instagram reels to promote businesses or brands. Even though it is a brand new option, numerous brands are actively engaging their business with Instagram reels. Some easy ways to turn the audience into followers are,

  • Brands can create product promotion videos. Always keep your audience excited with your reels and make them curious about your ideas.
  • Share educational or informative videos that are useful for audiences. For example, create a simple video of your daily exercise routine in about 15 seconds. Even a short-length video will grab the viewers’ attention. In return, it will increase your followers.
  • Post new challenges videos. It will evoke users to try those challenges, and they will send you back the videos. Moreover, if it is a fun task, people will start sharing with other people resulting in more followers.
  • Importantly, businesses or brands should try to join hands with influencers. As the influencers have more followers, you may get a chance to gain followers for your account. The collaborative reels may create more likes and comments.


As wrapping it up, Instagram reels should have flawless structure. Make sure the first 10 seconds should wow your viewers. Otherwise, the viewers will swipe to the next Instagram reel within a second. Nowadays, people are so selective in whatever they watch. Only if it is likable for them, they see it entirely or will ignore it quickly. Always keep in mind liking and replying to all the comments you receive will provide a feel-good connection with your audience. If you keep doing this, you can gradually increase the number of followers.

On the other hand, use a call-to-action element in your reels. You can add a link to your reels. In case of brand promotions, Make sure viewers shall directly message you to clarify their doubts. Check the best time to post your reel to the audience. Please do not delete your Instagram reels until and unless you need to do it. You can also have a giveaway contest with Instagram reels. Before your reels get saturated, leverage your Instagram audience with the above practices.

How To Use Instagram Reels To Turn The Audience Into Followers
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