How To Enable Dark Mode On TikTok For Different OS?

We live in a busy world where everyone is working all day, and at the end of the day, we may be exhausted and want to go for some entertaining application like TikTok. Have you ever thought about what you will do without any social media platform? Yes, it is not possible to sleep without seeing videos on your smartphone. They make it easy to view trending TikTok video content that keeps away from stress. By using SMM panel, you can get ahead of the competition and also make your video viral.

At the same time, watching videos will not strain your eyes. The bright white light is a default setting for most mobile phones. Is colorful mode good for healthy eyes? It may negatively impact your eyes, lead to insomnia, and reduce battery life. To reduce stress on the eye, you can use the dark mode feature supported mobile device. Setting dark mode will help you spend more time and enjoy the posted video. However, this feature may not be supported by many applications. When there are too many bright colors around your screen, set the black theme for TikTok. Additionally, if you enable dark mode directly on the phone, you can watch more videos and use your mobile phone for a long time. Read this article, and here we will explain how to enable dark mode on TikTok for various mobile operating systems.

Dark Theme Mode

In conventional mode, you are using a white background and black font, and on the other hand, in “dark mode,” the background is black, and the font of the text is white color. Additionally, a quick access bar is also available on the bottom side. Dark theme mode works like a browser extension to make the website dark. Due to unique colors, you won’t sense any sharpness in your eyes. Make use of SMM services to upgrade your exposure on TikTok.

The Benefit Of TikTok Dark Mode

Anyone who has attained the age of 13 can download TikTok according to android and iOS devices. The feature of this application includes lip-syncing, videos, and live streaming. How often does TikTok introduce an updated version? The platform releases a revised version frequently. In addition, with the advent of technological improvements, tools introduced dark mode to save your eyes.

Many people find comfort and will read easily in the dark mode. Users can see clearly with dim lights and no light after setting this mode. But have you experienced a battery running out of messages? In those situations, dark mode will attempt to save more power. According to the survey, it saves battery consumption up to 50%. However, blue lights from mobile phones and laptops may cause health issues because a blue screen can wear out your eyes and create headaches.

How To Turn On TikTok With IOS

TikTok supports dark mode for iPad devices and iPhones. If you want to activate dark mode on an iOS, try to follow the below steps:

  • Open profile
  • Click “Me” in the menu
  • Click the three-dot button present in the upper right corner
  • Under content and activity, you may notice the dark mode option.
  • Enable dark mode
  • Still, if you can’t enable the dark mode, then report to TikTok customer support services.

You will have a chance to synchronize with a mobile device with the social media network. Without harming your eyes, enjoy funny videos and the end of the day. Additionally, a smartphone with an OLED screen will take more power and enable dark mode, and you will experience a lower power loss.

Can You Turn On Dark Mode On Android?

TikTok has not yet released the in-app dark mode facility on Android mobile devices. However, you can use third-party tools to enable the dark mode. With the advanced tool’s temperature of your screen is reduced, and it will relax your eyes. When you need to change the entire display color, open the display menu and scroll down below to choose from the range of colors. Features will hide the bright colors that help to run your application smoothly.

What To Do If You Can’t Enable TikTok Dark Mode?

Due to some reasons, you can’t enable the dark mode on TikTok, such as the older version of the OS, data connection, and outdated mobile application. Therefore, if you encounter any prior stated problems, resolve them before getting into dark mode. When you don’t see the dark mode button on this platform, go to the app store if you have an iPhone or Google play store if you have Android to download the application. In addition, you should have recent smartphones to interface with this tool.

Final Thought

Finally, the article helps you understand the steps to enable dark mode on TikTok. You can activate dark mode on different operating systems apart from android devices. When this facility introduces Android mobile phone users, you can use it or download the supporting tools to turn on dark mode. Are you watching videos during nighttime more than daytime? Then don’t forget to get on dark mode to protect your eyes. The dark mode is good for the eyes and extends battery life, keeps your mobile phone cool, and gives a unique style to your device.

Best Strategies To Work With Influencers In TikTok Marketing

Short Intro

Influencers are people who help you to promote your brand in marketing on every point of source. Even though most people move with only ads as considerations, it is also possible to make them support your brand by using influencers. This is one of the strategies which makes people move with a firm belief because influencers support your brand. On keeping this as credits you can combine with influencers and also buy TikTok likes to promote your brands further without any doubt. Now let’s move on to the topic of the best ways to work with influencers in TikTok marketing to reach the target.

Join With Influencers

In order to work with influencers, you should first know whether the influencers are willing to promote your brand. Set a pre-meeting session with the influencer and discuss your campaigning plan. Also, you can give the content to make the campaigning easier and gain the knowledge of your brand for the influencers. Meanwhile, make sure that your campaigning strategy makes a unique representation to grab the audience’s attention. Finally joining with the influencers for promotion makes your brand remarkable in the minds of the people.

Make Contests

Contests are one of the top lists rather than other kinds of marketing. So making some contests using an influencer makes the campaigning more successful compared to other marketing strategies like ads and more. In order to do that you can post that you are going to do a contest by combining the influencer who is promoting your brand. This makes the audience know that you are making some contests for both the benefits of your brand and them. Also, bring the audience into a track of the contest by announcing to them some offers and prizes to win. By following these you can make your contest a great success.

Partnering Influencer For More Time

Are you worried about a short-time influencer making a break in your campaigning? If so you can make a deal of a long time with the influencer and make them a brand ambassador for a long period. By doing this you can keep the audience without inconsistent connection with your brand. Turn your influencer into the best reach to the audience with good communication, strong belief, and trust. Also making multiple times of promotions will make the campaign more effective on the sides of the audience and get your brand an unforgettable one.

Product Reviews

You might have a question on your mind, how is it gonna work just by a review of a product? The answer is, that you can surely increase your reviews and make the audience buy your brand products by using an influencer. Follow a step by making the influencers buy your products first and use and then make review videos for the product, that video must contain all the details of your products to grab the audience’s attention. Also by keeping the leg on these methods surely gonna help you out on the target of your’s to achieve huge profit for your brand.

Separate Influencers

Everyone will have a question about how to separate influencers? To do so you must have the knowledge of the separation of influencers. They are as follows: micro, macro, and huge. These three kinds are there in influencers who are split according to their followers and their content and more. Micro-influencers have about 1000-10000 followers, macro-influencers have about 1,00,000 followers, and huge-influencers have more than 1,00,000 and above followers. By allocating these influencers in these categories you can make your campaigning much better. To do so, split the campaigning parts into these three types of influencers and conduct the promotions then undoubtedly you will reach the exact target of your brand ahead.


The marketing field always develops with different types of methods of campaigning in that influencers play a vital role and creates a huge change for brands. Meanwhile, making sure about the content that you are making for your campaign will definitely make unique records from an audience point of view. Also, include the trend in the campaigning part ahead without any delay which is also a key factor to success. So if you are making partnerships with influencers keep these tips in your mind.

5 Instagram Tactics To Be Followed By Beginners

Instagram is a social media platform with high active users who post random pictures and videos in reels and stories to gain followers on their account. By implementing marketing strategies, you can buy likes from Instagram users even though you were a beginner at reaching the people’s attention to your brand. You can also buy Instagram impressions to promote your brand by different methods. Here, we have listed some of the tactics that beginners need to follow to advance their Instagram marketing strategy.

Create Instagram Account

The first essential step is creating an Instagram account. To begin, follow the steps that are listed below:

  • Download Instagram on your PC or mobile device.
  • Enter the G-mail address on which you want your account.
  • Select a username and password and assign them to your account.

After completing all the steps, you will get a personal Instagram account. Later on, converting it into a business account for marketing success and the steps are as follows:

  1. Open your Instagram account and click the profile picture at the right bottom of your page.
  2. Next, click Menu on the right corner at the top of the page.
  3. Click on Settings, then tap the Switch to profile account→ Continue.
  4. Select the correct category for your business and click on Done.
  5. Next Select Business→ Next.
  6. Review your Business contact info and edit the required information and click Next.
  7. After creating your business account click on Done.

Posts And Interaction With Audience

Most of the interactions with the audience will be based on the reply by your followers to your account. Their reply will be in the formats of likes, comments, tagging, and direct messaging.


Likes are there on Instagram to know whether it is appreciable and liked by other users or not. It will be specified by a heart symbol at the bottom of every post.


In the comment section, the other users who follow your account will be able to leave the thoughts which flash in their minds while viewing your post. It allocates the audience a space to interact with you via comments.

3. Tagging

Tagging helps the users to link with other audiences and support your brand to become popular and increase the follower rate to your business account.

4. Direct Messaging

This feature acts as normal messages that are used on mobile, which people can communicate directly with you to share their thoughts about your product. It also maintains a good relationship with you and your audience.

Earn Your Audience’s Trust

In business, trust is pivotal for every person. So, pay keen attention to firmly creating trust in your brand by the users. To do so, you should make a good promotion which makes them trust. For example, display the preparations of the process of your product with a video, and it should provide the users a strong belief that your product is trustworthy. By following this strategy, you can earn the audience’s trust very easily and make your product purchase.

Work With Influencers

As you are new to Instagram marketing, you can get help from influencers. You can ask them about their interest and make them participate in promoting your brand. Influencers mediate between people and products to make their followers follow your business account. This method will help your brand to get introduced to all the other users on Instagram through influencers.

Utilize Features

Instagram has special features like reels, stories, and live that provide a way to market your brand. Reels are videos with a time limit of 15 seconds. The second feature is the story which disappears within 24 hours from posting. Last but not least is a live session that makes people interact directly with you. So, by utilizing these features on Instagram, you can familiarize your brand with the audience and gain their support.

Last Points

For beginners, Instagram will help gain the credits of brand awareness to the audience, increase sales and find a way to succeed. Brand should make small keynotes on campaigning strategies and update them on current trends. Meanwhile, make sure you use a business account instead of your account. Thus implementing the above-mentioned practical points will lead to the path that crown your brand in the industry.

4 Easy Steps To Get On The TikTok For You Page

Social media creators are always looking for new paths to expand their followers and exposure. The master algorithm of TikTok allows anyone to go viral and put effort into reaching their video. Some creators are popular by luck but cannot replicate that success without curated content. There are many measures for getting widespread exposure on social media platforms. The “For You” page does magic for the TikTok creators, and through this feature, they will introduce them to more people. Some people can also buy TikTok followers to enhance their chances of getting featured on TikTok. Do you want to know how? There are simple ways to get on TikTok’s “For You Page” discussed in this article.

What Is TikTok For You Page?

The TikTok For Your Page is an endless feed of highly enriched content sorted out by TikTok’s algorithm. The fine-tuned algorithm finds out videos you have already seen and searches based on the hashtag you follow, region, language, and the type of content you searched. When you open the TikTok app, you will see For You on the home screen. Each TikToker will get a unique personalized stream of videos on the TikTok For You page screen. Is it similar to the Instagram explore page? The research page on Instagram is a separate tab, and you can access this page with a click away from your main feed, which is entirely made of images uploaded by followers. On the other hand, TikTok’s “For you” page is the main page of this platform. Instead of followers, the TikTok algorithm shows even an unknown creator video that doesn’t depend on your view list.

How To Get On For You Page?

Every creator wants to come on For You pages as soon as possible because it is the main way to improve your brand visibility and followers. So how will you be one of the FYPs? Here are some easy steps mentioned in this article.

Scheduled Post

Videos on FYP don’t post many days before, so you should post on time for the best result. The best time to post your videos depends on the online presence of your audience. According to a study, the list of best times for posting on TikTok is as follows:

  • Tuesday: 7 AM
  • Thursday: 10 AM
  • Friday: 5 AM

You can follow this pattern as a starting point and ensure your audience’s existence. Then, plan and schedule your post in advance using software tools in the market and create consistent content.

Hash Tags

When you use appropriate hashtags, that helps you acquire more brand visibility. They are a valuable tool to identify intended customers and engage them with your videos. As a result, you may get a chance to be featured on the FYP. #ForYou and #ForYouPage are the two hashtags you must consider when planning your video on the FYP. When you want to participate in a challenge, you should have a specific theme and add a hashtag and caption to expose yourself to many people.

Interaction With Users

The algorithm will pick you when you get more comments, likes, and shares from other people. Additionally, the algorithm gives importance to the completion of the video. Because more users will watch the end of the video, this factor will push you up to the “For You” page. Therefore, you should create videos that grow your personality that is entertaining and interesting. Create content that is relevant to your niche that will promote your website. You will get more followers and reach more audiences if you do this.

Add Sound Or Music

TikTok was introduced as a lip synchronizing app so you can expect plenty of competitors in this tool. Being a human, everyone likes to enjoy dance challenges. If you do this, it will raise your followers. Users will come to know your profile, and they may like and share your videos. The algorithm usually prefers music genres or music in the background of your video. Therefore, adding a trending song from the library may increase the chance of you reaching the “For You” page.


Online presence and consistent video are excellent ways to outshine on the TikTok algorithm, and this will do wonders to be on FYP. Even though it is not a sure way to get your TikTok videos on FYP, the steps mentioned above will improve the chances of being spotted on TikTok’s FYP. First, try to use mostly searched hashtags and attractive captions relevant to your niche.

TikTok Monetization: How To Make Money?

TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile videos. It allows people to quickly and easily create short videos using their smartphones, allowing them to be media creators. There are a lot of chances to improve your followers. Can you make money out of it? Yes, you can generate cash from TikTok by following a few strategies. The platform is designed to provide monetization and income streams in mind, and the application is commercial-friendly and makes it possible to earn a living using the creative platform. Creators and influencers can start to buy TikTok fans to boost their recognition and can make money from this platform. In this article, you may get the solutions to make money from TikTok videos.

Grow And Sell

Many business owners like to exist on TikTok, but you have to spend time to open and maintain an account. Why can’t you generate revenue from this? People already have been creating social media accounts and attempting to sell them for a long time to make money. It would help if you had more than an appealing section for your TikTok videos for success. You will also need a narrow focus and a dedicated following. Try to have a niche account because the buyer who keeps producing the same content will reach you. When you sell a version with short videos linked to unboxing, the product you sell will have the same videos in the future. Personal accounts are complicated to deal with since followers may have attention rather than the content. To sell your account on this platform, you have to build a strong content strategy that engages the followers and advises buyers.

Partner With Trusted Brand

For valuable TikTok content, you may get a sponsor for an account. For example, a brand may offer to make a video about how you feel great about using certain products, and the company may provide you with a trip to post about their products. Brands are very interested in offering this kind of partnership. Will influencer marketing help to make money? Influencer marketing is widespread, and the ratio has increased by more than 50%. Thus, contact influencers related to your brand and create an image with them, which will help you monetize your TikTok profile. Collaboration and agreements help promote their services or post valuable content with their products. As a result, you can generate revenue without leaving your profile.

Make Use Of TikTok Creator Marketplace

A TikTok marketplace is a platform for collaboration that connects your brands and creators. This platform will support campaigns, collaboration tools, and support via advertiser-friendly content. When can you use the creator marketplace? If you have reached 100,000 followers, the feature will allow you to use the TikTok creator marketplace. There you can contact brands and apply for sponsorship. If you sign up for the creator marketplace, you will be asked to create a profile at which the brand can view your analytics. If some brands show interest in collaborating with you, you will receive an email with campaign details and a contract to sign. Just after, you will submit your video to ensure it meets your guidelines.

Collect Valuable Contributions

The easy way to earn money on TikTok is by collecting donations from your live stream video viewers. Further, it allows creators to make virtual monetary gifts through live streams. Want to know how it works? Usually, you have to attain the age of 18 when you want to purchase gifts and coins from your profile. After that, you can use these prices at the point of your purchase.


The coin is the user side in-app currency. You should invest the amount to purchase the coins. These coins will be credited to your account once you have purchased them. You can exchange these coins for virtual rewards. They have various values, and you need to spend different coins to buy them. All the tips come in a group of exciting options. Viewers can send the stickers during their live stream without losing their coins.


Gifts are virtual items that will post on videos to appreciate creators for making valuable content. You can purchase gifts with coins, then hold on to disbursement until you see likes. You should have 100,000 followers to get video gifts, but just 1,000 followers are enough to get a live video.


Diamonds are also types of currencies that are creator-side currencies. Creators receive gifts that convert into diamonds, and then they can redeem the real money. TikTok allows the creators to withdraw up to $1,000 per week.


Engaging with users in real-time helps create deep relationships with your followers. Audiences who connect with the creator develop a personal shareholding in their success, so going live will help make money.

5 TikTok Trends That Will Blow Your Mind

In a short period, Social media such as TikTok has managed to go viral worldwide. Are you searching for an application that helps keep in touch with your friends, family members, and audience? TikTok is the right channel for you! The platform quickly evolved into a way to interact with your brands and enterprises with your target audience through well-framed social media campaigns. A wide range of social media trends has been used throughout the years because this TikTok platform attained rapid growth. Businesses can use this highly reached platform to compete with their competitors by adapting to new and upcoming trends. They can also buy TikTok likes to increase their reputation globally. In this article, you understand the recent social media video production trends.

Live Videos

Most social media professionals mainly influence companies to focus on video marketing during their initial stage. But will it reach the audience? Yes, of course, these live videos on social media will acquire a lot of traction in 2022. Even multinational brands are increasingly testing this kind of live video interaction with their potential customers for chit-chats. But, remarkably, the need for video content is outstripped by the familiarity of live videos. Almost 82 percent of people use live videos on social media because these live videos are broadcasted nowadays on all social media platforms.

Competitors are rising, so to compete with them, they may need influencers or celebrities, or well-known personalities on live chats that will trigger fans to connect with their favorite stars. Live chats are a terrific method to reach your target audience and spread crucial information, specifically when your business visibility goes to more customers.

Ads On Smaller Networks

Even TikTok is a smaller platform for gaining traction with customers and your business. The usage of TikTok is increasing nowadays, all over the world. Advertisements such as TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat are becoming more popular. According to a survey, advertisements of these apps will create twice the revenue, which is higher than the expenditure for retail businesses compared to other social media engines.

According to Hootsuite’s survey, nearly 40 percent of companies stated that paid advertising is challenging to meet their budget. However, at no cost, you can promote and increase the company’s brand value. Some brands may also opt to buy TikTok fans to grow their credibility on TikTok.

Popular Social Audio

According to a Hootsuite survey, almost 74 percent of business owners indicated that they plan to spend money on audio content in the forthcoming years. Hosting live audio streams is the best strategy for the sustainable growth of your company. The trend can be implemented and followed to raise user engagement.

However, small businesses are in demand to notice even minute changes, which is a cost-effective content marketing method even though it is a few-second audio clip, which requires tremendous effort and experience.

Local Targeting

Today, local targeting, such as local SEO, will be popular in 2022, and this strategy will be the same after a few years. Local businesses in social media use geo-tags in the social media engine and post stories and videos to engage the intended audience and clients. By doing so, people who are surfing for stories and pictures may notice these brands. If you are a small business, first, you have to create a video and use influence to make it known to the audience, which improves your products’ brand value. From these activities, you can compete with your competitors.

Are you a small business owner? Then local targeting is the best method to connect to find the desired audience to generate revenue. Additionally, this will enable you to cater to customers by engaging with customized content, even if the more prominent brands can’t accomplish that.

Effect Of Split-Screen

Creating split-screen reply videos is the simplest way to reply to the TikTok community instantly. This effect helps a lot to participate by reposting existing TikTok videos actively. To make a split-screen video, you can choose the video you wish to include, then select the share button available on the screen. People who are intended to practice can also use headspace as a guide. Finally, you have to find a video that is trendsetting and relevant to your industry. This social strategy will be helpful while creating your split-screen response. You can stay on top of trends and anticipate new ones by doing this.


Several social media platforms will influence 2022, and one of them is TikTok. So use it to impact customers and improve the brand value significantly. If you adopt these new trends this year, you can maximize your brand visibility and move forward with the competition.

How To Use Instagram Reels To Turn The Audience Into Followers

In this trending world, whomsoever is not using Instagram? Almost one-quarter of the world’s population, starting from youngsters to aged people, are active users of Instagram. As the app has more attractive features, Instagram reels top all the others. To get ahead on the growing Instagram channel, you can opt to buy Instagram story views and increase your reach flawlessly. According to Google search trends, Instagram reels have a 54% share of searches which is more than TikTok. Need to create an engaging Instagram reel? Want to turn your viewers into active followers?

Let’s get started!

What Is An Instagram Reel?

A short, funny, and entertaining video where you can express your creativity and boost your brand online. Reels are much more similar to Instagram Stories, but it covers certain specifications. In recent times, Instagram reels have served as a platform for people to showcase their incredible talents. It spotlights the hidden talents and helps them explore more with social communities.

Critical Features Of Instagram Reels

  • The maximum length of Instagram reels is 90 seconds. Earlier it was only around 3-15 seconds but recently has extended up to 90 seconds. Few users even get early access to 90 seconds reel.
  • A 90-second reel in high definition will take 4GB of memory space. It is preferable to film the video at 1080p and 4k quality for better visuals. Reels can be shoot directly from the phone camera, or you shall upload videos from the photo gallery.
  • You may take reels at a single stretch, or they can be stitched together from small videos. Instagram reels shall only be uploaded using mobile phones.
  • Reels videos films in the ratio of 9:16 aspect similar to A TV-size aspect ratio that provides a great appeal to the viewers. It recommends providing in size of 1080 ✕ 1920 Pixels.

How To Create An Instagram Reel?

First and foremost, Before starting to use Instagram Reels to engage the audience and drive traffic, let’s have a quick guide on how to use it.

  • Open your Instagram app. Click the ‘plus’ symbol on the top right corner of the screen. Now, click on the reel option.
  • Now add on your videos or take video instantly. You can also add effects like music, filters, playback like fast-forward and slow-motion, and shall set the timer to your video.
  • You shall crop the video and add some text to create it more lively.

How To Boost Engagement With Instagram Reels?

There are some interesting tips to make reels more fun! Marketers use Instagram reels to promote businesses or brands. Even though it is a brand new option, numerous brands are actively engaging their business with Instagram reels. Some easy ways to turn the audience into followers are,

  • Brands can create product promotion videos. Always keep your audience excited with your reels and make them curious about your ideas.
  • Share educational or informative videos that are useful for audiences. For example, create a simple video of your daily exercise routine in about 15 seconds. Even a short-length video will grab the viewers’ attention. In return, it will increase your followers.
  • Post new challenges videos. It will evoke users to try those challenges, and they will send you back the videos. Moreover, if it is a fun task, people will start sharing with other people resulting in more followers.
  • Importantly, businesses or brands should try to join hands with influencers. As the influencers have more followers, you may get a chance to gain followers for your account. The collaborative reels may create more likes and comments.


As wrapping it up, Instagram reels should have flawless structure. Make sure the first 10 seconds should wow your viewers. Otherwise, the viewers will swipe to the next Instagram reel within a second. Nowadays, people are so selective in whatever they watch. Only if it is likable for them, they see it entirely or will ignore it quickly. Always keep in mind liking and replying to all the comments you receive will provide a feel-good connection with your audience. If you keep doing this, you can gradually increase the number of followers.

On the other hand, use a call-to-action element in your reels. You can add a link to your reels. In case of brand promotions, Make sure viewers shall directly message you to clarify their doubts. Check the best time to post your reel to the audience. Please do not delete your Instagram reels until and unless you need to do it. You can also have a giveaway contest with Instagram reels. Before your reels get saturated, leverage your Instagram audience with the above practices.

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