4 Easy Steps To Get On The TikTok For You Page

4 Easy Steps to Get On The TikTok For You Page

Social media creators are always looking for new paths to expand their followers and exposure. The master algorithm of TikTok allows anyone to go viral and put effort into reaching their video. Some creators are popular by luck but cannot replicate that success without curated content. There are many measures for getting widespread exposure on social media platforms. The “For You” page does magic for the TikTok creators, and through this feature, they will introduce them to more people. Some people can also buy TikTok followers to enhance their chances of getting featured on TikTok. Do you want to know how? There are simple ways to get on TikTok’s “For You Page” discussed in this article.

What Is TikTok For You Page?

The TikTok For Your Page is an endless feed of highly enriched content sorted out by TikTok’s algorithm. The fine-tuned algorithm finds out videos you have already seen and searches based on the hashtag you follow, region, language, and the type of content you searched. When you open the TikTok app, you will see For You on the home screen. Each TikToker will get a unique personalized stream of videos on the TikTok For You page screen. Is it similar to the Instagram explore page? The research page on Instagram is a separate tab, and you can access this page with a click away from your main feed, which is entirely made of images uploaded by followers. On the other hand, TikTok’s “For you” page is the main page of this platform. Instead of followers, the TikTok algorithm shows even an unknown creator video that doesn’t depend on your view list.

How To Get On For You Page?

Every creator wants to come on For You pages as soon as possible because it is the main way to improve your brand visibility and followers. So how will you be one of the FYPs? Here are some easy steps mentioned in this article.

Scheduled Post

Videos on FYP don’t post many days before, so you should post on time for the best result. The best time to post your videos depends on the online presence of your audience. According to a study, the list of best times for posting on TikTok is as follows:

  • Tuesday: 7 AM
  • Thursday: 10 AM
  • Friday: 5 AM

You can follow this pattern as a starting point and ensure your audience’s existence. Then, plan and schedule your post in advance using software tools in the market and create consistent content.

Hash Tags

When you use appropriate hashtags, that helps you acquire more brand visibility. They are a valuable tool to identify intended customers and engage them with your videos. As a result, you may get a chance to be featured on the FYP. #ForYou and #ForYouPage are the two hashtags you must consider when planning your video on the FYP. When you want to participate in a challenge, you should have a specific theme and add a hashtag and caption to expose yourself to many people.

Interaction With Users

The algorithm will pick you when you get more comments, likes, and shares from other people. Additionally, the algorithm gives importance to the completion of the video. Because more users will watch the end of the video, this factor will push you up to the “For You” page. Therefore, you should create videos that grow your personality that is entertaining and interesting. Create content that is relevant to your niche that will promote your website. You will get more followers and reach more audiences if you do this.

Add Sound Or Music

TikTok was introduced as a lip synchronizing app so you can expect plenty of competitors in this tool. Being a human, everyone likes to enjoy dance challenges. If you do this, it will raise your followers. Users will come to know your profile, and they may like and share your videos. The algorithm usually prefers music genres or music in the background of your video. Therefore, adding a trending song from the library may increase the chance of you reaching the “For You” page.


Online presence and consistent video are excellent ways to outshine on the TikTok algorithm, and this will do wonders to be on FYP. Even though it is not a sure way to get your TikTok videos on FYP, the steps mentioned above will improve the chances of being spotted on TikTok’s FYP. First, try to use mostly searched hashtags and attractive captions relevant to your niche.

4 Easy Steps To Get On The TikTok For You Page
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